CH Fancy  Accessories N'CO DOM
Was Owned and Loved by Jacquelyn Argenton
    Shomars Ghost Of a Chance
Was Owned and Loved by Pam Lee
"My 2001 Puppies"
 CH Shomars Autumn Wind 

 CH Mach Shomars Gefling Raggs
     Owned & Loved By Sharee Jutten
               "Shomars She is a Lady"
                       Doing Agility
              (She is one of my Babies) 
        Owneed &Loved by Sherry Rand

 " Raggs"
  Cresties Owned & Loved by
     Larry and Robyn Nicola
 CH Shomars In the Buff
     Shomars Shades Of Onyx
Owned & Loved by Kristine Knadler
 CH Shomars Hidden Angel LeChaz  
 Owned & Loved By Brenda Hardy
       CH  Shomars Grand Slam
Owned & Loved by Eric & Jane Cook
"Some Pictures of my Kiddo's"