I just want to Thank Steve Kelly and Pam Litz for my Foundation in this wonderful Breed. Also a Special Thank You to Deirdre Petrie that has a lot of her Dogs behind my Pedigree's. I would not be where I am today without there help and trusting me with there Dogs. They were Great Mentor's and always willing to give me valuable information.
 I have been in Chinese Cresteds for 19 Years. I have Shown Dogs for over 35 Years...
​I was in Yorkshire Terriers for 20 Years. After I received  my first Chinese Crested's I gave my Yorkies to LeRoy Chavez to continue with the Yorkie lines that I was in and now he has gone on to develop  his own lines. He has done very well with his Yorkies over the last few years.
 I have Finished about 40 + Chinese Cresteds to there Championship which includes what I have Bred. I have finished several of my Crested's out of the Bred By Classes.
 I just want to say these Dogs will give you unconditional Love. They are my Pet's first.The Shows are the icing on the Cake. My Dogs live with me they are wonderful House Dogs. They make you laugh when you are sad they are a great Comfort.I also want to say I have met a lot of Nice People from all walks of Life and it has been a wonderful Journey. Hopefully I will be in it for a long long time.If I can help anyone or answer any Questions please don't hesitate to ask me. If I don't have the answer I'll try to find out for you or send you to someone that can help you. 

                                              Shomars Chinese Cresteds